Touristic attractions

Get to know the Csíkszereda area

The dam lake at Frumoasa 13 km away from Miercurea-Ciuc in a picturesque frame near the lake there is also situated a chalet, a swimming pool and a ski track.

Harghita Bai is a settlement belonging to the municipality of Miercurea Ciuc, and it is the favorite ski paradise of the people living in Ciuc region. It is local interest mountainous bath and holiday resort.

Saint Ana Lake one might reach the volcanic lake, situated in the Ciomad massif, at an altitude of 950 m. By its geographical position, the charm of the fir tree forests that surrounds it and not at last the volcanic crater housed on it, it is one of the picturesque areas of Romania.

The "Sugo" cave to the north-east through the Heveder district.The cave, together with the 17 ha around her is a natural reservation that be disited in the monthes April-September.

The Red Lake an altitude of 983 m, one might reach the Red Lake Resort, beneath the biggest natural dam lake in Romania. The fir tree trunks that pierce the water surface stay testimony fot the lakes’genesis as a result of the sliding of a slope of the Ucigasu mountain in 1837.

The Bicazului Quays to the north and north-east of the Red Lake a paradise for beauty and spectacular admirers, as well as for those who risk to climb them over.

The Tusnad Băi an altitude of 650 m . The main inner and external cure factor is the sprong of mineral waters, rich in bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and the natural mofettes.

Near the pension
The main street of the town, Petofi street is located 200m from the pensions quiet enviroment. Here pubs, restaurants, beer-gardens and pizzerias are waithing for the guests, to have a good time. The same area has a widw variety of shops.

The town`s sights are a pleasant walk away:

the church of Csiksomlyo
the Miko Castle (museum)
the Nagy Imre gallery
Swiming pool Csiki Csobbanó
Csiki Játékszin Theater
Walking or bicycle tour
the Somlyo's mountain (gliding, hang-gliding)
the Suta lake (fishing)
the Szepviz lake (fishing)
the Egyesko, the Harghita montains (skiing possibile in winter)
Szentimrei budos (medicinal baths)